Conceptualized with the sole aim of providing a platform for hereto small, unknown family run guest houses to promote and recognize themselves, www.goaguesthomes.com has not left us disappointed.

With a turnover of Rs. 300000/- only on bookings, in the first year itself and over 33 registered guesthouses we realize that we were right after all! The response from guests during the peak season was overwhelming!

The idea took 3 years to become a reality. Ryan Vaz toyed with the idea of helping people of this obscure sector of tourism way back in 2005, but lack of knowledge in both the tourism & web-designing as well as paucity of funds made the idea seem impossible. In 2007, he married Audrey in whom he found not only a soul-mate, but a person who shared his vision and had the credentials for the task. An MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) graduate, she opened the technical doors for him and they both began to make this dream a reality.

Funds were still a problem but family chipped in and a loan was obtained. In December 2008 the website was launched at the hand of Honorable Minister for Tourism, Mr. Micky Pacheco with a mere 8 guesthouses on the list.

One Year later, the site is being re-vamped to meet the needs of the customers as well as streamline the booking and inquiry processes. Mrs. Audrey now manages the site on her own managing bookings and promotions.

Plans are on to turn this humble venture into a booking & advertising hub for Guest houses as well as guests.