Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why

It is the only website attempting to get all guesthouses together under one location.With such a collection, hits will increase and consequently ratings will increase.Photographs, rating facilities, reviews etc. will increase premise dependability and authenticity.Effective publicity through e-ads, emails, newspaper, etc. will increase viewer counts, improve response and queries.Possible tie-ups with travel agencies will get the cream of tourist to your doorstep.

2) Are you a registered firm? How can I trust you? For how long will your business last?

Yes, we are registered under the Shops and Establishments Rules, 1975. Of course you can trust us! Check our website to clear all your doubts. You can also visit us during office hours whenever you feel like it. If you are still not convinced, then no problem, take your time and think about it.

We will be happy to be associated with you whenever you are ready for it. But remember, considering the fact that our registration charges may increase with time, we may not be able to offer you the same scheme. Any business depends on the faith and goodwill of its customers. Having said that, we can firmly state that as long as we enjoy the faith and support of our customers, we will remain in business.

3) What if I am not registered? What if I am not interested in registrations? What are the benefits of registration?

Running a business without registrations is against the law. Moreover, with the rising cases of terrorism all across the country, it is advisable to register and legalize your guesthouse so that in case of any unfortunate eventuality, you are in the clear. If required we will direct you to a consultant who will guide you in the process efficiently and effectively. His charges are applicable.

4) Do you guarantee business?

Actually No! You getting business is beneficial to us in terms of earnings as well as reputation. While all efforts would be made to promote and popularize the website, business to your guesthouse will depend on what the guests are looking for and what you are offering. We would recommend good pictures of well maintained and clean rooms and a good message. These two are the main factors that could convince a potential client

5) Will all our details be displayed?

Yes, all details will be displayed unless you don’t want it to or subject to a policy change or scheme, which will be intimated to you.

6) I already have a website.

That’s excellent! However, the publicity and business of a web portal, such as ours, is obviously going to be more than that of a personal website unless, of course, people are already aware of your website and you are getting continuous business through your site. On our Portal, we would include your website address which could make your website popular and give guest an opportunity to know more about you.

The Major difference in having your own website and advertising on our Portal is the fact that possibly, only people knowing about your website will open it or if they stumble onto it. However, be it at the Portal or on any other search engine people will come to you by virtue of the facilities you are offering.

7) What will the webpage look like?

It will be a pre-designed webpage with your vital information and photographs displayed. All Guest houses & Hotels registering with us will have a uniform design and data to facilitate easy comparison.

8) My guesthouse is usually full. I got guests at all times. Why do I need to advertise?

A client told us that once and one month later their contract got terminated suddenly. In such situations, it is always good to keep your options open. Besides, it can also help you gauge how good your accommodation is by the response you get from guests. That could be an encouragement to expand your business.

9) Are we getting a new website?

No! Your guesthouse details will just be displayed on our website in a pre-designed format along with your vital information and photographs.

10) How would our Guests/customers benefit?

Primarily, the advantage to your guest would be an easy and short search & finalization process. What would you prefer? Visiting 20 different shops for different varieties of rice, or 1 supermarket having all the varieties in one place? Similarly, your customers would prefer visiting one portal, like and choosing between all his customers.

Secondly, comfortably and confidently, your guest can initiate the booking process even while sitting at home, thousands of miles away; that too well in advance!

Thirdly from the Safety point of view, due to the recent terrorist attacks on Stared hotels, guests would prefer comfortable but small guest houses compared to posh stared hotels which are on the terrorist radar. Keeping this in mind, we advice that this is the right time to advertise.

11) What if I don’t get business through your website?

All efforts would be made to promote and popularize the website. However, visitors selecting your guesthouse will depend on what they are looking for and what you are offering. If within a year’s time you don’t get business through our website, we suggest you reconsider your business policies, facilities and amenities. We will make an effort to guide you in the same.